Top 8 Reasons to Start a Blog in 2022

Ankur Tyagi
4 min readOct 28, 2022

Blogging is a super effective way to grow as a programmer.

There is a magic in blogging that no one tells

I won’t share fancy tips. Instead, I’ll tell you what it did to me.

Top 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Blogging

It’s almost 2 years since I first began blogging!

Who would have thought that the simple decision to begin a blog would have led to many fantastic outcomes for me?

“A blog is a blank canvas and a virtual home that you can design however you want.”

1) Online Hub

A blog is where all the bits and pieces you create and explore in the online and offline world can be housed.

This could include videos, podcasts, articles, links, etc.

You can keep your blogs going year after year.

Blogs can keep your virtual world well organized (and they’re searchable!).

In that sense, it’s an excellent way to keep track of

  • Your thoughts
  • Your creations and learning, which you did in your tech career.

It’s like a digital filing cabinet.

2) Owner of Your Content

There are many blogging websites where you can publish your thoughts.

The fact is, though, this can be built on borrowed land.

There may be a lot of unpredictability.

The most secure option is to keep all of your work on a blog.

3) Creativity

Blogging allows you to be creative!

A feature of blogging that I have always loved.

Furthermore, blogging enables you to visually express yourself through original themes, headers, photographs, layouts, and graphics.

There’s an art to that…& it’s fun!

4) Social Skills and Confidence

Blogging allows specific individuals to practice communication, conversation, empathy, and other skills.

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