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  • Sarpong Emmanuel Kwabena

    Sarpong Emmanuel Kwabena

    Technophile | Bibliophile | Philantropist

  • Esther Vaati

    Esther Vaati

    Software developer and Content Creator. Buy me a Coffee: https://ko-fi.com/vaati

  • Ankita Tripathi

    Ankita Tripathi

    A Writer by passion and profession. Bike rider, traveler, designer, and an enthusiastic soul. Community and connections matter.

  • Raimi Karim

    Raimi Karim

    🇸🇬 Software Engineer at GovTech • Master of Computing AI at NUS

  • Sarah Morris O’Keefe

    Sarah Morris O’Keefe

    Software Engineer @ iHeartRadio // Writing + Tech + Music + Mindfulness + Wine + Gaming // https://sarahmorrisokeefe.com

  • Peter Christian Fraedrich

    Peter Christian Fraedrich

    Entrepreneur, software developer, writer, musician, amateur luthier, husband, dad. All opinions are my own.

  • Nash


    Developer Advocate @getstream_io 🥑 · Editor and Admin @flutter-community 💙

  • Roman Luzgin

    Roman Luzgin

    Writing about technology, coding, SwiftUI, and stuff in-between. Creator of https://www.wellworkapp.com.

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