20 Psychological Things You Must Take Care of in a Job Interview

Ankur Tyagi
8 min readSep 13, 2022
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Today, I’ll share my interview experience, which will help you present yourself well in the following interview and avoid common mistakes.

While you’re in the interview hot seat watching for clues from your interviewer, they are busy watching you — looking for their clues.

Interviewers look for things they want to hear in your answers, ways you handle yourself during the interview, or simply some sign that shows them what you might be like if you worked for them.

In my 12+ years of experience in software development, I interviewed around 400+ folks; about half didn’t make it past the phone interview, and even after carefully rejecting 70% of all applicants, a lot of the interviewees were just plain unsuitable.

It wasn’t that they were unqualified; they didn’t know how to interview.

They didn’t know how to present themselves, what to wear, what questions to ask & how to answer.

Let me tell you the 20 top things as an interviewer and the mistakes interviewees made generally.

What can you do (and say) to stand out in your following interview and be remembered from among the crowd?

1- Arrive 15 Minutes Early

My mentor told me once: “If you’re early — you’re on time, if you’re on time — you’re late, and if you’re late — you’re fired.”

I’ve seen candidates talk about the wait time they need to bear before their slots come. So think Again. On the flip side, some candidates arrive as much as an hour early — forcing the interviewer to alter their schedule.

Arriving 15 minutes before time seems to be the sweet spot.

2- Wear a suit or a blazer

Suits and blazers are powerful clothing; that’s why top executives, bankers, and presidents wear them. Most interviewees will show up without one, making you stand out in the crowd; this is still applicable even in the virtual interview era due to COVID.

3- Give the interviewer a firm handshake

Don’t Just Say “Hi/Hey/Hello,” Say “Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening.”

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